Bracket Fungus, White Rot, Heartwood Rot

Phellinus robusta


Phellinus produces mid to dark brown hoof-shaped brackets on the stems and branches of trees. The brackets can be velvety to hard and rough in texture with a soft-looking pale underside. The brackets are perennial and a new layer of growth is added each year; often multiple brackets are seen together in tiers on the tree.

Phellinus attacks the living tissue of trees as well as breaking down heartwood. It can create cankers on the limbs or stem of a tree, attacking new wood as the tree grows it. This decay, commonly called ‘White Rot’, leaves the tree structurally weakened and at risk of affected branches breaking off or the trunk breaking.

There is no treatment available for Phellinus and affected trees eventually have to be removed for safety.

Commonly seen on: Blue Gums, Manna Gums, Mahoganys/Bangalays