Tree Services

Arborist Tree Services

GardenGlow Tree Care can provide all your tree care needs. Our services include:

Tree Service:

  • Spike free climbing techniques for mature tree maintenance
  • Formative pruning for young trees
  • Clearance pruning for service wires, security lighting, access paths, roofing
  • Safety pruning for trees in high target areas such as playgrounds and schools
  • Maintenance pruning for tree health and safety
  • All our works are also completed in accordance with Australian Standard AS4373-2007 (Pruning of Amenity Trees).
  • Pest and disease identification and treatment
  • Storm damaged tree recovery pruning
  • Selection, sourcing and planting of new trees
  • Root barrier installation to prevent structural damage
  • Moisture barrier installation to satisfy concrete slab construction requirements of AS2870-1996
  • Elm Leaf Beetle Treatments • soil injection or stem injection
  • Cable bracing using either Yale cordage (non-invasive), or steel-wire ‘bolt-through’ systems
  • Possum guard installation to protect trees under stress
  • Tree transplanting
  • Development site tree protection plans to comply with AS4970-2009
  • Tree assessments {see section on Arboricultural Consultancy below}
  • Habitat creation {Link to habitat page}
  • Alternative solutions to tree removal

Tree Removal

GardenGlow Tree Care has extensive experience in the removal of dead, dying or dangerous trees. We have the staff and resources to remove any tree whether in open or confined space.

Arboricultural Consultancy

GardenGlow’s experienced Arboricultural Consultants provide a range of services to residential, corporate and government clients to assist in the management, preservation and renewal of our urban tree populations:

  • Arboricultural reports for town planning applications.
  • Tree hazard and risk assessments.
  • Tree selection and establishment recommendations.
  • Tree management plans and preservation strategies
  • Development site tree protection plan to comply with AS4970-2009

Tree Permit Applications

Some municipalities require a permit to carry out tree works.  Garden Glow Tree Care can assist customers with council permit applications.  Please speak to the staff member who attends to your quote and they can handle the necessary paperwork for you.

There are many reasons why an application is accepted or rejected.  We can help you understand the various regulations and how they are interpreted.

Mulch and firewood

As a client you may choose to keep the mulch and/or firewood from tree works on your property or to have all green material removed.  We can also provide extra mulch upon request.